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ACM C. S. Lewis First Prize Writing Contest Award to Robert Cely

Reading Wine

by Robert Cely

All Rights Reserved

Most people believe I am magic. That’s what it looks like to them at least. But to me it comes as natural as breathing, reading the wine.

I didn’t name it reading wine. Other men who saw what I do called it reading wine and the name stuck. I guess that’s how things go. I guess that’s how people try to grasp what they really don’t understand. They slap a label on it as if a name says it all. Never mind that most of our names are useless anyway. That’s how they think at least, you name something and you’ve got it figured out.

Like reading wine.

The ACM John Milton Award to Katherine Bland

Athanatos Christian Ministry’s John Milton Award Third Place Goes to Katherine Bland Girard, KS (High School Category) Discuss this story on ACM’s Discussion Forum Important Copyright Information The Last Generation by Katherine Bland All Rights Reserved In the corner of a blue room, a tiny baby boy lay quietly in an oak crib. A young…

The Flannery O’Connor Award Third Place Award to David Krall

Athanatos Christian Ministry’s Flannery O’Connor Award Third Place Goes to David Krall Scammon, KS (High School Category) I was born in Wichita, Kansas to loving parents in the year 1994. By the time my family settled in Parsons six years later, a younger sister had appeared and a strong bond with my extended family had…

ACM JRR Tolkien Award for First Place to Elizabeth Russell

Athanatos Christian Ministry’s JRR Tolkien Award First Place Goes to Elizabeth Russell San Antonio, TX (High School Category) Elizabeth Russell lives in Texas with her parents and two younger brothers. She is entering her senior year of high school. She has loved to write for years, and hopes to write more in the future. Discuss…

ChristianManuscript Submission Third Place George MacDonald Award to Richard Gibson presents The George MacDonald Award Third Place To Richard Gibson Maplewood, MO (19 and Up Category) Richard Louis Gibson is 22-years old and lives in Maplewood, Missouri. He can’t decide about college or about a day job or about most other major decisions in his life, but he is decided about at least three…

The Hieropraxis Third Place Dante Award to Bill Vargo

Hieropraxis Presents The Dante Award Third Place to Bill Vargo Ambler, PA (19 and Up Category) William Vargo works in the film industry in Philadelphia, PA.  His credits include Marley and Me, The Last Airbender, and Limitless.  He writes in his spare time, but hopes to one day bring his hobby and career together. His…

ACM Third Place Fyodor Dostoyevsky Award to David Sable

Athanatos Christian Ministry’s Fyodor Dostoyevsky Award Third Place Goes to David Sable Boone, NC (19 and Up category) David Sable is the father of two grown sons. He lives with his wife Loretta in Deep Gap, a suburb of Boone, NC. Discuss this story on ACM’s Discussion Forum Important Copyright Information A Good Day by…

Wisdom’s Gate’s William Blake Award to Erika Cornelius

Wisdom’s Gate’s William Blake Award Third Place Goes to Erika Cornelius Calgary, Alberta, Canada (High School Category) Erika Cornelius was born in Pretoria, South Africa, where she lived for 11 years before moving across the globe to Canada. It is there that she experienced the reality of loss, and gained through her loss a desire…

The Confident Christianity Dorothy Sayer Award to Brayden Hirsch

A Train Story

by Brayden Hirsch

All Rights Reserved

Watching the kid sit there, with those tiny, pale hands clasped, head bowed and eyes shut tight like some little priest—well, I should’ve known. God smiles down on his kind.

Guys like me? Not so much.

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