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Scholarships for High School Writers

New for 2011, the winners and honorable mentions of our high school writing contest will be eligible to receive a scholarship of at least $350!

ALL high school winners and honorable mention for ALL years of our contest will be considered for the scholarship, beginning this summer after the 2011 contest winners have been announced.

The scholarship winner will be selected by the ACM Wordsmiths, a group of writers that have won one of our contests for adult writers.  Not only that, but the Wordsmiths are also stepping forward to provide the funds for the scholarship!

Athanatos Christian Ministries is proud to be able to announce this new scholarship and is thankful for the generosity of its previous winners for making this scholarship program possible!

Rules and stipulations:

  • The only way to be eligible for this award is to be one of our high school entrants who has earned an honorable mention or won an award.
  • Wordsmith members cannot vote for themselves if they happen to have been a previous winner in our high school categories.
  • Wordsmith members may select from ANY eligible authors from ANY of our ACM short story contest years, and may do so on any basis that they desire.
  • The same author can win more than once but not for the same story and not in back to back years and not if they have reached 20 years of age.

It should be clear from this that just because a high school author has won first prize in our contest it doesn’t follow that he or she will win the scholarship, too, though that might seem more likely- but which winner of our first prize?  The eligibility pool will include winners from 2009, 2010, and 2011.   Even so, there might be something about one of the other eligible authors that catches the eye of a Wordsmith member so that someone who only earned an honorable mention from ACM might yet earn the scholarship!

We reserve the right to alter this arrangement or expand it or increase the amount of the scholarship or the number of recipients or the nature of the eligibility pool, especially as more members are added to the Wordsmiths each year.

It should be stated that while all winners in our adult level contests are included as an ACM Wordsmith, none of them are required or obligated to help fund this scholarship program.  It is, and will remain, entirely voluntary.

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