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2012 Short Story and Poetry Contest Winners


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 A word from the director:

In this volume are the winners of the fourth short story contest and the third poetry contest that Athanatos Christian Ministries has hosted.  Since we began, it has become more difficult each year to select our winners.  This is because the quality of the entries, as a whole, continues to improve.  This year we saw something different:  more authors taking ACM at its word when it said that a Christian story or poem need not beat someone over the head with the Bible.  We had more authors stepping into the wilds of real life, daring to draw heroes with weaknesses and flaws that went beyond smoking, drinking, and swearing—as if the worst sins we can imagine are those that the ‘whitewashed tombs’ themselves repudiated.

This year, we have some bad guys who are really bad and some good guys who have real problems.  Tough issues are tackled—and handled roughly, as perhaps sometimes they ought.  To put it another way, this year we had a higher percentage of stories and poems that even a non-Christian might enjoy reading… if ‘enjoy’ is the right word.  Some of them won awards in our contest and you may be reading them shortly.

We are honored to be associated with them, because we believe that the power of the Gospel is most potent and most appealing when set against the backdrop of real people committing real crimes and acting the way that real people tend to act.  No one goes to the doctor unless they are sick, but many Christian authors, worried about describing the world’s sicknesses too vividly, describe people in terms that suggest they barely need a doctor at all.  At worst, they seem to need only a therapist.

That clearly changes in this year’s stories and poems.  Consider yourself warned.

 In Christ,

 Anthony Horvath

Executive Director

Athanatos Christian Ministries, Inc.

Poetry Category

The Hieropraxis Gerard Manley Hopkins Award (1st Prize)

Goes to Therese Eby for her poem, Herodias

The Hieropraxis T.S. Eliot Award for (2nd Prize)

Goes to Andrew Bogner for his poem, Like a grade school production of No Exit

ACM’s John Donne Award for (3rd Prize)

Goes to Jared Olson for his poem, The Butterfly and the Bee

Runner Ups:

The Francis Thompson Award

  Goes to Hannah Harmon for her poem, Face Behind Bars

The  George Herbert Award  

Goes to Holly Munn for her poem, Lamentation

Honorable Mentions:

The John Milton Award goes to Danielle Ullrich for her poem, Purls
The Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Award goes to Sally Clark for her poem, New Tricks

The Athanatos Christian Ministries C.S. Lewis Award (1st Prize)

Goes to David Sable, for his story, The God of Oscar’s Misunderstanding

The Confident Christianity GK Chesterton Award (2nd Prize)

Goes to Chuck Wasielewski for his story, Escape from Wrath and Ruin

ChristianManuscriptSubmission presents the  George MacDonald Award (3rd Prize)

to Skye Collender for her story, Many Sparrows

The Bard and Book Flannery O’Connor Award (4th Prize)

Goes to Andrew Bogner for his story, Broken Piece of Night

The Athanatos Online Apologetics Academy JRR Tolkien Award (5th Prize)

Goes to Aaron Branch for his story, Somewhere in Between

The  Hieropraxis Dorothy Sayer’s Award (6th Prize)

Goes to Gail Howitt for her story, The Narwhal

Athanatos Christian Ministries presents the Dante Award (7th prize)

To k.i.m for the story, entertaining

Honorable Mentions

The Graham Greene Award: Goes to Deborah Rocheleau for her story, The Diary of Never.
The Leo Tolstoy Award: Goes to Minka Misangyi for her story, The Fisher King.
The William Shakespeare Award: Goes to Lauren Stoops for her story, The Twilight Song.

The John Wycliffe Award

Not given this year.  (Given to English as Second Language Award Entrants, but only if they enter!)

The High School category has been discontinued

To contact any of these authors for any reason you may request their contact information through the contest administrators at director@athanatosministries.org.  Most of them have indicated that they are available for interview.  Anthony Horvath, the executive director of Athanatos Christian Ministries, which is the host of the contest, is also available for interviews.

You may leave comments of congratulations on this page or on the individual author’s page.  You may also discuss these entries at ACM’s discussion forum.

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