2013 Christian Short Story and Poetry Contest


2013 Christian Writing Contests

Short story/poetry contest is over.  Novel Contest will accept entries in April.  Children’s book contest info below.


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WINNERS of the 2012 Christian Novel Writing Contest: 1st prize: Derek Elkins, for his story Life Unworthy of Life. 2nd prize: Chris Morrow, for his story The Devil’s Choir.

Winners of the 2012 Christian Short Story and Poetry Contests

2nd Round and semi-finalists in the 2013 novel contest

Check out our new writing contest:  A Christian children’s book contest.

Short Story/Poetry RULES BELOW – Scroll Down!

2012 Novel Contest Grand Prize winner Derek Elkins writes: “… thanks again for putting on the contest in the first place and your desire to see God put first in every realm of the arts. This contest and the last two I participated in have opened my eyes just a bit more as to what God wants me to accomplish, and I appreciate that more than I could possibly express. You know, I’ve been a real, acting Christian for about sixteen years now. …. But, throughout all of that, I haven’t felt like I’ve made much of an impact or that I’m at a place that really fit. I don’t want to sound like an advertisement, but thanks to the encouragement I’ve received through Athanatos Ministries, I think I’ve finally got a grip on what God wants me to do and it feels great to finally know. Been waiting a long time.”

Book Length Novel Contest Will Begin Taking Entries in the Spring of 2013.

View past short story and poetry winners: 2009 | 2010| 2011 | 2012

View past novel contest winners: 2011 | 2012

Suggested Readings for Succeeding in this Contest | Archived info for 2013 novel contest

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2011 Novel Contest Second Prize winner Robert Abernathy writes: “My experience with Athanatos Ministries and the 2011 Novel Contest was one of the most valuable and rewarding experiences I have encountered as a writer. The knowledge, expertise and friendly advice throughout the editing process added dimensions to the book that filled in the holes where needed. (ACM assistant) Debbie Thompson was instrumental in helping me communicate an overall message in the book that wasn’t quite reaching the reader in the manner that I had hoped. I recommend this contest to anyone that has a message, a book, or an idea that they would like to see grow into a completed work with real practical and professional advice along the way.”

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Athanatos Christian Ministries (ACM) wants to inspire young Christians to take up the pen and promote the Christian world view through fiction. ACM believes that the the secular world is constantly promoting itself through the arts and that Christians should be prepared to fight back. Thus, the Gospel of Christ should be communicated through music, movies, plays, art … and literature. The purpose of this writing contest is to create a culture of quality writing reflecting a Christian world view.

Contest Details and Guidelines

Criteria ACM judges will use for judging:

  • First and foremost, is it an interesting story that is well written with few grammatical and spelling errors?
  • Does it, implicitly or explicitly, reflect a Christian worldview or promote a Christian perspective?
  • Does it do something new and fresh, showing creativity?



Deadline: March 18th, 2013.

English as Second Language (International):

  • 1st Prize: $100
  • Publication in Contest Anthology
  • See Rules and Requirements for more info.

High School (13 thru 18) Category: (Discontinued as of 2013 contest)


Deadline: March 18th, 2013.

Poetry (All Ages 14 and up):

  • 1st Prize: $300
  • 2nd Prize: $200
  • 3rd Prize: $100
  • 4th Prize: $75
  • 5th Prize: $50
  • Publication in Contest Anthology
  • Two Honorable Mentions*

EVERY entrant will receive a copy of the Contest Anthology at no additional cost- it is included in their entry fee! (hard copies available to domestic US locations only, shipping $3 extra. International entrants will receive their copy in digital form.)

1st Prize winners in ALL categories will also be published in ACM’s Literary Magazine

We reserve the right to modify the award amounts depending on response.


Other Details:

Genre: Fiction- Short Story

  • Cost: $15 for each story (shipping of anthology extra)
  • Length: 1,500 to 7,500 words
  • Content: implicitly or explicitly reflecting the orthodox Christian world view.
  • Time: Accepting Now thru Mar 18th, 2013. Winners Announced beginning in May-July, 2013. Anthologies and Awards disbursed Aug-Sept, 2013.


  • Cost: $15 for each poem (shipping of anthology extra)
  • Length: Max 2,500 words
  • Content: implicitly or explicitly reflecting the orthodox Christian world view.
  • Time: Accepting Now thru Mar 18th, 2013. Winners Announced beginning in May-July, 2013. Anthologies and Awards disbursed Aug-Sept, 2013.

Group rates for multiple submissions, teachers, pastors, youth directors, etc, are available. For more information Email ACM’s executive assistant, Debbie Thompson, at debbie@athanatosministries.org or call ACM’s Executive Director Anthony Horvath at 202-697-4623, leaving a message if necessary.

Downloadable Resources(COMING)

Simultaneous submissions Allowed

Copyright info:

Authors retain copyright; submitting manuscript in contest indicates the author grants ACM certain rights to publish the story. See the rules and requirement page for more details.

Other Rewards

Online Writing Conference ACM hosts online writing conferences. The grand prize winner of the short story category of this contest will be invited to present at one or more of them! http://www.christianwritingconference.com
Literary Magazine  All first prize winners will also have their stories published in ACM’s literary magazine, Literary Apologetics.Mag.

*Honorable Mentions may or may not be in the anthology, depending on space limitations.


Anthologies also available in Ebook

2009 Anthology: 2010 Anthology 2011 Anthology 2012 Anthology
2009 Winners Anthology - Coming Soon Coming soon


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