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2013 Short Story and Poetry Contest Results


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Poetry Category

The Hieropraxis Gerard Manley Hopkins Award (1st Prize)

Goes to Mary Lou Cornish for her poem, If His Banner Over Me is Love

The Hieropraxis T.S. Eliot Award for (2nd Prize)

Goes to Angela Arzu for her poem, Villanelle for the Bile

ACM’s John Donne Award for (3rd Prize)

Goes to Danielle Ullrich for her poem, Half Full

Runner Ups:

The Francis Thompson Award

Goes to Bonita Hele for her poem, A Shepherd’s Love

The  George Herbert Award  

Goes to Kelsey Gillespy for her poem, The Fall

Honorable Mentions:

The John Milton Award goes to Nanci Stoeffler for her poem, Because He Stood
The Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Award goes to Bliss Avra for her poem, Blind Eyes

Short Story Category

The Athanatos Christian Ministries C.S. Lewis Award (1st Prize)

Goes to John Hutchinson, for his story, Descant

The Confident Christianity GK Chesterton Award (2nd Prize)

Goes to Colton Moyer for his story, The King’s Riddle

ChristianManuscriptSubmission presents the  George MacDonald Award (3rd Prize)

to Christine Venzon for her story, Retreat

The Bard and Book Flannery O’Connor Award (4th Prize)

Goes to James Yarbrough for his story, A Civilized Understanding

The Athanatos Online Apologetics Academy JRR Tolkien Award (5th Prize)

Goes to Gail Howitt for her story, Quarry

The  Hieropraxis Dorothy Sayer’s Award (6th Prize)

Goes to Chuck Wasielewski for his story, The Parable on Thorne Ave

Athanatos Christian Ministries presents the Dante Award (7th prize)

To Ric Hazel for the story, A Man Walks Into a Bar

Honorable Mentions

[Their stories are not posted so that they have the option of re-submitting them again in future years]

The Graham Greene Award: Deb Elkink for her story, Thaw.
The Leo Tolstoy Award: John Rahne for his story, The Library of Man.
The William Shakespeare Award:  Zanthia Hill for her story, Duty.
The Charles Williams Award:  Amanda Kelsch for her story, Broken Bread.

The John Wycliffe Award

Not given this year.  (Given to English as Second Language Award Entrants, but only if they enter!)

To contact any of these authors for any reason you may request their contact information through the contest administrators at director@athanatosministries.org.  Most of them have indicated that they are available for interview.  Anthony Horvath, the executive director of Athanatos Christian Ministries, which is the host of the contest, is also available for interviews.

You may leave comments of congratulations on this page or on the individual author’s page.  You may also discuss these entries at ACM’s discussion forum.

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