The Athanatos Christian Ministries (ACM) Christian Writing Contest is an outgrowth of ACM’s desire to develop a genre of fiction that might be called ‘literary apologetics.’ Apologetics is the defense of the Christian faith. Literary apologetics would be the use of fiction and Story to communicate the Gospel and the world view associated with it. In this way, many readers might receive the Christian message and consider it whereas they might distrust it if presented propositionally.

ACM is an apologetics ministry, but one that encourages as many ‘methods’ as possible to defend the faith. The arts and literature are one area where the secular community used to reign supreme. However, this is changing, and ACM aims to facilitate that change. This writing contest is part of that strategy.

For more information Email ACM’s executive assistant, Debbie Thompson, at debbie@athanatosministries.org or call ACM’s Executive Director Anthony Horvath at 202-697-4623.

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To download a printable entry form click here: (TBA)

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