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Christian Children’s Book Contest

NEW to 2013

Athanatos Christian Ministry’s

Children’s Book Contest

June 1st, 2013

Now: June 15th, 2013


1st place:  $550 plus possible publication

2nd place: $400 plus possible publication

3 Honorable Mentions

***ACM always reserves the right to modify a contest on its sole discretion.  Since this is the first year this category is being offered, it is possible these terms may need to be adjusted.



Athanatos Christian Ministries is an apologetics ministry, which means that its core mission is the defense of the Christian faith.  It has a significant emphasis on the arts and literature because it perceives that the culture has extraordinary influence on faith formation; of late, usually a negative influence.  For this reason ACM encourages Christians to participate in the culture in meaningful ways with works of art that exhibit excellence.

Since it does have this perspective, entries will be viewed favorably when they explain or illuminate aspects of the Christian faith in such a way that they could plausibly be expected to ground a child more deeply in the faith or immunize them from objections and challenges to the faith they can expect to encounter.  It is fully understood that there are limits to what a children’s book can accomplish in that regards, but it should be kept in mind that this is not simply a contest for ‘family friendly’ children’s books.  ACM has a reason for hosting these contests, and the prospective entrant should understand that reason before submitting their entry.

Note also that the ACM mindset of desiring, pursuing, and encouraging excellence dictates that we do not wish to dissuade people from submitting entries that are not explicitly ‘apologetic’ in nature.  The best written and/or illustrated children’s book that is consistent with an orthodox Christian viewpoint will win.  For this contest, we will also accept non-fiction books.

As with all of ACM’s writing contests, every entry will receive a copy of the winning entries, if in fact ACM goes on to publish them.  For this category, shipping is included.  (This does not apply to international entrants.)


  • Entries will be judged based on the quality of the story AND the quality of illustrations (if it is illustrated).*
  • Cover images are encouraged but not required.
  • Entry interior must be at least 16 pages and no longer than 70 pages (approximately 20,000 words).
  • Book dimension size can be any standard book size.
  • Both fiction and non-fiction books are acceptable.  (Only applies to this contest, not our other ones.)

*  Stories that are meant to be illustrated should be submitted with illustrations.


June 1st, 2013

Now: June 15th, 2013


  • We will accept both published and unpublished manuscripts.  Obviously, we cannot extend an offer to publish to a work where you do not control the copyright.
  • If a winner is extended an offer to publish, it is not required to accept.
  • It is not necessarily the case that an offer to publish will be extended to the winning authors.
  • To the extent that a children’s book can communicate Christian theology, that theology should be solid, well-thought out theology.
  • Communicating the idea that good behavior and moral conduct is the point of Christianity will be frowned upon.
  • Multiple submissions are accepted.
  • Winners to be announced within 6 months of contest deadline.



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