2015 Novel Contest Semi-Finalists and Finalists

ACM is pleased to announce its finalists in its annual Christian novel contest!  Here they are:

Grace in a Strange Disguise- Christine Dillon
All Men’s Clotted Clay- Joseph Raborg
Jokatan- Lachlan Meurer
The Lost viking saga-Richard James Hazel
Note in the seventh Pew- Mickey McDaniel
Jesse’s Seed- Sam Pakan

Here is the list of the semi-finalists, that the people listed below who made it through the first round cut:

Snow out of Season, Brunke
Grace in a Strange Disguise, Dillon
The Lost Viking Saga, Hazel
The Note in the 7th Pew, McDaniel
Jesse’s Seed, Pakan
All Men’s Clotted Clay, Raborg
The Arrangement, Stephens
Joktan, Lachlan Meurer

Those in the ‘finalist’ category will now get one on one revision and review with one of ACM’s editors.  All others, if you desire to have your one page review of your novel, you must initiate contact and request it.  Email Debbie at debbie@athanatosministries.org.  Since there are many entries, please be patient when waiting for your feedback.  Also, recall that the contest rules called for a ‘skin-thickness’ of 1 inch.  Our reviews are honest, so be aware of that if you request one.


Coming this December 2nd:  ACM’s Online Writer’s Workshop.  — $100

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