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In the spirit of cultivating all of the arts, Athanatos Christian Ministries is pleased to announce that it has expanded its writing contest to include nearly all of the creative formats!   The contest will be integrated into our annual Christian Arts Festival, which will take place August 4-7, 2016, in Greenwood, WI.  

Up to $12,500 in CASH AWARDS

‘All Around’ Grand Prize: $3,000
‘All Around’ Runner-Up: $2,000

Category Awards:

$300 for Grand Prize (in category)
$200 for Runner-Up (in category)
Honorable Mentions

Genre Categories:

Novel — (20,000 words and up)
Short Story — (less than 20,000 words)
Essay — (less than 20,00 words)
Non-Fiction Book Length — (20,000 words and up)
Children’s Book
Short Film
Full Length Feature Film
Painting/Visual Arts

General Categories:

Most Improved
Most Impact (in Secular Society)
Effective Defense (Christian or non-Christian)
Community’s Pick (Selected by fellow participants in the contest)

It is possible to win more than one award! It is possible to win a cash award without winning the whole enchilada!

To learn more about this contest and enter, visit the main webpage that has been set up for it, here:

Contest Details:  www.christianartsfestival.us