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2009 Christian Writing Contest Award Winners!


(scroll down and click on the names and titles to read their stories in full.  Discuss them on the forum)

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19 and up category

The Athanatos Christian Ministries C.S. Lewis Award (1st Prize)

Goes to Michael Pape for his story, Those Chickens, They Don’t Roost in Some Random Coop in Another State.

Author of Hitler, the Holocaust, and the Bible, Joe Keysor, is proud to sponsor the GK Chesterton Award (2nd Prize)

Which goes to Steve Rzasa for his story, Rescued.

Third Prizes- Presented in Alphabetical Order by Last Name

The International Academy of Apologetics presents the Fyodor Dostoyevsky Award (3rd Prize)

Which goes to J.D. Greening for his story, Convocation.

An Anonymous Sponsor presents the George MacDonald Award (3rd prize)

Which goes to James Scott Lee for his story, The Devil Child.

ChristianManuscriptSubmission presents the Leo Tolstoy Award (3rd Prize)

Which goes to Joseph A. Raborg for his story, The Death of St. Magnus of Orkney.

Honorable Mentions

The Dante Award: Goes to Tracy Elson for her story, The Crown and the Chronicles
The William Shakespeare Award: Goes to Luke Curtis for his story, The Tormentor.

The John Wycliffe Award

In the course of the contest as more international authors surfaced, it became evident that some writers were writing in English as their second language and deserved recognition as such.  For this reason, a new award category was created.

Confident Christianity Presents the 2009 John Wycliffe Award (ESL)

to Adel Emmanuel for his story, The Oracle Of The Wicked Land

High School Category

The Athanatos Online Apologetics Academy JRR Tolkien Award (1st Prize)

Goes to Elizabeth Chance for her story, Azrael.

The Confident Christianity Dorothy Sayer’s Award (2nd Prize)

Goes to Kimberly Hanson for her story, Way Out West

Third Prizes- Presented in Alphabetical Order by Last Name

The John Milton Award (3rd Prize)

Goes to Morgan Nystrom for her story, Greater Love.

The William Blake Award (3rd Prize)

Goes to Nate Rankin for his story, To Make A Wretch His Treasure.

The Sojourner Leatherwork Flannery O’Connor Award (3rd Prize)

Goes to Josèphe-Anne Rocke for her story, Secrets of the Phoenix.

Honorable Mentions

The Graham Greene Award: Goes to Melanie Scarff for her story, Trial, Truth, and Triumph.
The Charles Williams Award:
Goes to Jennifer van den Bogerd for her story, Windows of the Weald.

To contact any of these authors for any reason you may request their contact information through the contest administrators at director@athanatosministries.org.  All of them have indicated that they are available for interview.  Anthony Horvath, the executive director of Athanatos Christian Ministries, which is the host of the contest, is also available for interviews.

9 Responses to 2009 Christian Writing Contest Award Winners!

  1. Mary Jo and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the submissions. As the winners are being tabulated, we at Confident Christianity Apologetics Ministry wanted to take the time to congratulate all of you for taking the time to share your creativity…

    Roger & Mary Jo Sharp
    Confident Christianity

  2. Man.. can’t wait for the results.

  3. I tried looking all you up on facebook to congratulate you.. but It’s pretty hard. So congratulations! seriously, that’s an awesome accomplishment.

  4. Congrats to all the winners and thanks to Anthony and his group for all the hard work etc.
    Donald James Parker
    Author of Love Waits

  5. I want to congratulate all of the winners, runners up, honorable mentions, and entrants. I think this contest is an awesome beginning of something great in the Christian writing community. I did not get to enter this year but look forward to participating in future years. We need strong writers who are Christian, and this contest will encourage Christians to write and writers to not be afraid to have faith.

  6. Thanks, ACM, for coming up with the great idea of a Christian writing contest, and for putting in the work to make it happen. And thanks to all the great writers who entered. I’m enjoying going through the winners’ entries right now — good job, everyone!

  7. Thanks to everyone who entered! You all did a really great job, and I’m loving reading all of the stories! (I don’t have Facebook, so this is the only way I can congratulate all of you.) Keep up the good work! Also, a huge thank you to ACM for hosting this contest; it has been so much fun to participate in! :D

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